Gudwara questions!
Thursday January 11th 2018, 2:20 pm
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See if you can answer these questions about Sikhism!

10 house points to whoever can get them all correct!

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  1. What does Gudwara mean?

  2. How many doors does a Gudwara have? What does this symbolise?

  3. How does the work Sikh mean?

  4. How many Gods do Sikhs believe in?

  5. Where was Sikhism founded?

  6. How many Sikhs are there in the world?

  7. Why do Sikhs treat women and men equally?

  8. What are the 5ks? Why are they Ks?

  9. Why don’t Sikhs cut their hair?

  10. What does Kaur mean?

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Gudwara means a place where Sikhs worship.They have 4 doors in the gudwara and it symbolise the 4 doors to the guru in a gudwara. They believe in 1 god.Sikhism was founded in Punjab.There are 24 million Sikhs in this world.The 5ks are Kesh (uncut hair) Kara (a steel bracelet) Kanga (a wooden comb) Kaccha – also spelt, Kachh, Kachera (cotton underwear). Sikhs do not cut there hair because it is in there 5ks. Kaur means princess.

   19asiay on 01.11.18 @ 4:14 pm    Reply

1. A gudwara is a Sikh place of worship
2.The gudwara has 4 doors and that shows that your welcome into the temple.
Being a sikh means your a follower of sikhism and the word sikh means a disciple or a teacher
4. Sikh’s believe in ten gods
Sikhism was founded in Punjab in India
There are actually 24 million Sikh’s in the world
7. They treat men and woman equally because waheguru (one of their gods) was neither male or female and the principles of sikhism say that woman have the same souls as men
8. Kesh, kanga, kacha, kara and kachera
The 5ks taken together that is a sikh wears them their life is dedicated to devotion
They don’t cut their hair because they believe that if they don’t cut their hair the spirit is with them
Kaur is a name used by a women for a last name

   19danices on 01.11.18 @ 5:27 pm    Reply

Gudwara means the house of the guru.
There are four doors they symbolise peace,learning grace and livelihood.
The word sikh means learner or disciple.
The Sikhs only believe in one god
Sikhism was founded in punjab
There are 24million sikhs in the world
They believe this because of the langar
The 5 k’s are: kaccha, kara, kirpan, kanga and kesh. The reason they have the 5 k’s is because it is a symbol of submission to god.
It is because it is a symbol of respect to let their hair grow naturally.
Kaur means princess or girl.

   19hermione1 on 01.11.18 @ 6:01 pm    Reply

1. A Gurdwara is a place where Sikhs worship.
2. Not sure.
3. Sikh means ‘follower of Sikhism’.
4. Sikhs believe in one god called Waheguru.
5. Sikhism was founded in the Indian region of Punjab by Guru Nanak.
6. There are approx. 24 million Sikhs in the world.
7. They treat everyone equally because they believe that everyone is the same.
8. The 5 are Kesh, Kangha, Kara, Kachera and Kirpan.
9. Sikhs don’t cut their hair because they have to make their hair into a Kesh (which means uncut hair).
10. The word ‘kaur’ means princess.

   Egan on 01.11.18 @ 6:45 pm    Reply

1.The literal meaning of the Punjabi word Gurdwara is the residence of the Guru or the door that leads to the Guru.

2.Gurgwaras have 4 doors on all sides.

3. The word Sikh means an adherent of Sikhism .

4.Sikhs believe in one god who created them.

5.Sikhism was founded in India.

6.There is approximately 30 million Sikh in the world.

7.Women is Sikhism are treated equally because they have the same soul as men.

8.The 5Ks are 5 physical symbols worn by Sikhs. They are:
Kesh (to uncut hair)
Kara (a steel bracelet)
Kanga (a wooden comb)
Kahh also spelt kacch (cotton underwear)
kirpan (steel sword)

9.Sikhs don’t cut there hair because it is a gift from god.

10.Kaur means girl or princess . this surname was assigned to all females in 1966.

   19hafsaa on 01.11.18 @ 7:34 pm    Reply

1.A sihks place of worship
2.four doors means a leaner
4.belive in one god
5.founded in the punjad in india
6.27 million
7.for peace and kindness
8.5 ks are kash,kangha,kara,kachera,kirpan<are in a box where it of covered
9.because it is a symbol of love of their god
10.middle or last name

   19sarahi on 01.11.18 @ 7:47 pm    Reply

gurdwara is a place where Sikhs worship

   19nanteend on 01.12.18 @ 8:35 am    Reply

2. A gurdwara has 4 doors know as the door of peace, the door livelihood, the door of learning and the door of grace

   19nanteend on 01.12.18 @ 8:39 am    Reply

3. The word Sikh means an adherent of Sikhism.

   19nanteend on 01.12.18 @ 8:42 am    Reply

Sikhs believe that there is one god that is the god of religons

   19nanteend on 01.12.18 @ 8:44 am    Reply

Its a place where sikhs pray

   19sakariya on 01.16.18 @ 6:54 pm    Reply

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