All about Galaxies!!! By Asia
Tuesday January 09th 2018, 12:46 pm
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Did you know that every single galaxies is shaped in different shapes. Galaxies were born few hundred million years ago which that is alluring. According to the results, most galaxies are moving apart in a big amount of speed. Long time ago,about 13 billion years ago galaxies were much little and much closer.did you know that,when galaxies were little they were much smaller they were much closer and together. Enormous stars belong in big groups such as galaxies.

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By:Asia, Amy and Hadja!!!


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Aré galaxys stars!

   19sakariyaa on 01.11.18 @ 8:39 am    Reply

Lovely galaxies and very amazing stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

   19naomi on 01.11.18 @ 6:40 pm    Reply

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