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Friday January 05th 2018, 10:24 am
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 The five Ks

In Sikhism they have something called The five Ks.


A Kesh is type of hat that Sikhs wear to cover hair from getting to long because Sikhs don’t cut there hair.They believe it is a gift from god.

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A Kangana is a comb for there uncut hair.They brush is two times a Day.

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A Kara is a braclet that they are instructed to were it.It is there to remind them of Gods work.

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A kirpan is a ceremonial Sikh sword.

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A kaccha is a Sikh soldier Underwear.

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Gurdwara is the Sikhs place of worship.It means gateway to God.

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Guru Granth sahib


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We have done Sikhism in year5.What have over year groups being doing?

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