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We thought we’d go out with something a bit special! It was a suggestion from the teachers in Ireland & here it is.

Things to think about:

  • Why is the monkey so angry?
  • What was he trying to do?
  • What is he thinking?
  • Imagine you are the monkey – what would make you that cross?

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the monkey is angry because he does not know how to use the computer so he wanted to make it work so he thought that breaking it is a good idea but it was not he just broke it an that was a good idea want it noo he was trying to make it work by breaking it because that is what monkeys do he was thinking that the computer was a amazing thinging to do right

   19sarahi on 12.12.17 @ 12:13 pm    Reply

I think that hes angry because he cant use the computer

   19estherm on 12.12.17 @ 7:42 pm    Reply

Maybe the laptop has shut down and he was in the middle of a 100 word challenge. He was trying to write 100 word story about Christmas. If I was the monkey I would be as cross as him! He is thinking that the laptop is good for nothing and useless!

   19Uhunoma on 12.13.17 @ 10:10 am    Reply

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   19naomi on 12.13.17 @ 10:11 am    Reply

the monkey is angry because he doesn’t know what the laptop is so he just throw it.he viciously because he was so suspicious that he throw his mind he had a dream that it was going to kill him or some thing.I don’t know if he likes it or not!he was devastated about it and quit angry.I think that was his idea to break out and not participate in the job cause it is weird for a monkey to be doing that.i think he was just doing self defence.

   19asiay on 12.13.17 @ 10:27 am    Reply

Maybe because the laptop was not working at all.I think that he was trying to do his homework. He is thinking that the laptop don’t work so he is making it a big deal by pushing the laptop of the table. The thing that would make me cross is if the laptop was not working if I needed to do my homework really badly.

   19tyanna on 12.13.17 @ 10:39 am    Reply

I think he is angry because he has probably never used a computer before.

   danice on 12.13.17 @ 8:18 pm    Reply

he’s angry because he was playing a game and he was on a high score and he neali beat the hole game but some one beat him and the laptop batter terned off so he throw the laptop he was very angry and fstrotid because he faild the game if I was the monkey I would be very angry and in the red zone he was thinking he is bad at the game I would get angry if I was doing a test are lose a game I would be in evry zone because I’m always happy if I was the monkey I wold be very angry

   moon on 12.14.17 @ 10:34 am    Reply

He was really angry because he was playing roblox and someone else haked his important account with 65000 robux on it.he was playing roblox on his apple computer that he just got from the store today.he’s finking that he should hack him when he makes a difference account and he’s also thinking that I should be rude back to him in real life.when someone steals my phone or iPad or iPod or money or something or if someone is mean to me in school

   19stefanf on 12.14.17 @ 10:39 am    Reply

One special day in the middle of the nowwhere,there was a monkey and a computer.He suspiciously gave the computer one of them looks where you think the thing you are looking at is some type of bomb or something like that. He held the computer like it was a doll shaking it up and down trying to turn it on untill he felt something on the tip of his fingers.It was a turn on button.He press-holded the button and it turned on but as soon as it turned on BOOM no battery sign resulting in rage.

   leonardof on 12.14.17 @ 11:38 am    Reply

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