Human impact on the environment – Discovery time
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Answer these questions in the comment box below:

  1. Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

    Humans have an impact on the environment

  2. How can human impact pose dangers to some habitats and living things?

    Watch this video to help you answer!

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1. I do agree that humans cause a huge imapct but it is not always
negative things.There sometimes positive! These are all the negative impacts.Humans are causing polution from there cars,They litter which causes global warming,deforestation (cutting down trees), These are some of the negative now for the postive things Humans recycle,
they give money to the animals websites which help animals habitats
2. Global warming is the most important thing.Humans litter they cause
polution.This can make the ice in the artic melt.What humans are doing everyday can harm lots of animal.people need to do a lot of recycling which can save a lot of animal lives how would u feel if your home is gone.

   19mahiyah on 09.18.17 @ 2:09 pm    Reply

Heyfa – 1.Humans do have an impact on the enviroment because what they do every day can harm animals or plants. A humans imact can be both positive and negative depending on what you do.Here are some positive impacts a human can cause,composting,throwing rubbish in the bins provided and recycling.Here are some negative impacts a human can cause,littering,deforestation,pollution,littering in the sea and harming animals.

2.Human impact can effect animal and living things by littering on the ground and hungry animals eating it ,thinking it is food. Sometimes sea animals are endangered because of pollution in the sea is causing infections.You should try and ride a car less and walk,scoot or cycle instead, for your own and for the animals benifit.

   Annie Lock on 09.18.17 @ 2:16 pm    Reply

1.Humans do have an inpact but it is not always posotive polution can be one of them but there is a positive things too like recicleing and lots more but humans also cut off trees and animals can be living in the tree.The humans can also eat a lot of meat and that can can be very harmful they also make the see dirty and fishes can die.

2.This can couse globle warmingpeople have been bulding things
lots of animals have been geting small because they dont have food.

   19bia on 09.18.17 @ 2:18 pm    Reply

1 i agree because humans can sometimes be positive and negtive so i am going to show some postives. there are resikiling not littering and rubbish on the floor. now i am going to tell you all of the things that are negtive. littering ,rubbish on the floor and plosion.
2 by throwing things on the floor and sea that is why animals get injured and sick because mabye animals can swollow the rubbish.

   19stephanyf on 09.18.17 @ 2:21 pm    Reply

1.I think humans have a huge impact on the environment. Here is a list of all the positive impacts : recycling ,compost ,reuse-able energy. Not all the impacts are good though .Here is a list of negative impacts: pollution, logging , littering , eating to much meat .
2.This can be a danger to animals and they’re habitats .This is why people have to recycle and you can be fined littering. Think about it if all of the animals died out what meat would we have to eat? The cause of global warming is pollution . Global warming causes the world to get hotter . Therefore making places which are meant to be cold hot and places which are meant to be hot even hotter .

   19hermione1 on 09.18.17 @ 2:22 pm    Reply

1. I think people have a big impact on the world here is a list list that can help the eath no littering no cuting trees here bad stuff people do deforeststashoin cut trees and littering the sea
2. I think it can core danger to habits because some animales in the trees and there if homans litter some can trap fishes because of littering

   19bryanm on 09.18.17 @ 2:26 pm    Reply

1. I think humans have a inpact with animals here are some negtive inpact litering, eating to much meat, choping down treees, here oare some postive inpact porting ruubish in the bin, not eating too much meat, stopcuting down trees 2. If humans keep litering it can go to the sea and animals might get stuck in it and it can kill animals here are some esarples turtles,racoons,deers,bears,

   19jahmalb on 09.18.17 @ 2:28 pm    Reply

1. I do agree with this stament because what humans do can impact.
postive impact means for excample recycling,growing plants and being a vegetarian.
negative impact means like littering,cutting trees.

2. Humans killed many plants over the past century.It is taking oxygen.It harmed lot of animals.
It caused pollution and pollution killed lots of species like polar bears there homes are melting.lots of fishes get in the litter because 75 present of people litter in places and it harms lots of animals.Did you know that human impact could lead to danger.

   19asiay on 09.18.17 @ 2:33 pm    Reply

1. I agree with that statment because we have postive impacts and negative. The positives impacts are recycling, looking after the environment , not much meat. And the negative im pacts are polution,littering, cutting trees , deforastation, losing habitats rubbish getting caught by fish.

   Stephane on 09.18.17 @ 2:39 pm    Reply

1. I agree because humans fow liter in the sea on purpose but they also recicle good things. recicle turn of electronics. bad things litering leaving lights onusing phones/ipads/tv/computer. 2. Smoking/useing cars/gas you can hep the word.plant trees.reduce and recicle.use less hot water.turn of electronicsdevices when not in use.spred awernes.

   19stefanf on 09.18.17 @ 2:40 pm    Reply

1. I think that humans have a big impact on animals this is an exampal of things humans have done to harm animals petrol, smoking, cuting tree,litering, and the positive things humans have done farmers,recyceling bins,divers that go under the sea to clean rivers.

2.Some people do theas things deforeststasion, litering,petrol,smokingcuting trees,eating fish,meat,killing animals,this is how polusion starts

   19haseeb on 09.18.17 @ 2:41 pm    Reply

1. Negative impact that humans do on earth are deforestation,littering and pollution which harm little and big sea creatures.positive impact that humans do are throwing rubbish in recyicling bins provided around them,riding non electrial veichles and composting.
2. Human impact that harms animals are deforestation,pollution and greenhouses.

   19alqayyimc on 09.18.17 @ 2:44 pm    Reply

1. I agree with statement because people kill many fishes and turtles that live in the sewers. I disagree about trees becoming toilet paper, paper and wooden tvs becuase if you destory trees and animals habitiat. humans have a postive impact on recycling , solar panels and wind terbines.

2. Elephants can get poached for their long tusks so do rhinos as of them killed for their horns. China uses them for statues.

   Sak on 09.19.17 @ 11:59 am    Reply

1. I think that the statment is very true and i can’t dinie it i am not vegan and i eat alot of meat so i can’t say i don’t because it is sooooooooo dilisio humans have alot of inpact!!!. stop this people can insted of useing a car all the time,you can use a bycical
here are some of the reasons we have an inpact
stop this now!!!!!!!!!!

   19leonardof on 09.19.17 @ 12:01 pm    Reply

1. i agree because they are poching ,polloting and some dont recycle and also have postive reasons like recycling,riding a bike. pollotion,deforestion,poaching

   19andersonh on 09.19.17 @ 12:02 pm    Reply

1. I agree with this statemint because If u polucnate anthing can happen envolvong death. What we can do to fix it is stop littering make the air more clean bye stop driving cars and stop driving motor bikes and start walking or ride a bike. Some positive inpacks what we or humans can stop doing poaching
2. How its dangorus to keep on doing this is it can kill our whole wold just by starting from the sea more rubbish in the sea I can start going to the beach and then after its going to hit the whole city and we need too stop smoking and using eltic stuff that often.

   Ashley on 09.19.17 @ 12:03 pm    Reply

1. I disagree with people cutting tree’s because it’s animals habitat
2. Elephants get poached for their tusks. Rhinos get poached for their amazing horns.

   19khiaram on 09.19.17 @ 12:05 pm    Reply


   19petrad on 09.19.17 @ 12:06 pm    Reply

1 .i agree because humans can stop poaching and polloting and littering. 2 pollotion,poaching,littering,driving

   Annie Lock on 09.19.17 @ 12:06 pm    Reply

1.i agree with the statment because it has a positive impact because like find a cure for a diseases
2.Human impact can pose dangers from global warming,air polution, wind terbines,poaching.

   19jassims on 09.19.17 @ 12:07 pm    Reply

1. I think that enything can go bad thu the world to animals can die from humens and fire i there negtive to animals like distoring animals homes or taking animal from there home
2. is so bad killing evry animal we are losing animals fast bcause of humens

   19brianp on 09.19.17 @ 12:08 pm    Reply

1.I agree with the statment because humans have made bildings and places in the homes of the animals.
2.Humans have made a good and bad inpact on our world.humans have doing
deforestation,poltion,poching and putting oil in our sea.

   19celestj on 09.19.17 @ 12:09 pm    Reply


   19joselynp on 09.19.17 @ 12:10 pm    Reply

1 I disagree with this statement because if u polucnate anthing can happen to the animals go to the death.What we can do is when the poaching is happen aginr we can do it a aginr!!!

   19filipap on 09.19.17 @ 12:11 pm    Reply

1. I agree with humans have an impact because some people cut down trees to make paper and plution.Plution is when people make the world hotter by using air and driving with gas coming out. The postive impacts are recycling things like bottles and paper.
2. the most dangeros impact is deforestation which is cutting trees and destroying animals home like monkeys and will have nothing to eat.

   19melshin on 09.19.17 @ 2:25 pm    Reply

1) The positive inpacts that humans have is to recycle The negitive inpacts are that theres alot of habitats going and creatures not haveing homes because us humans cut trees for paper.
3)The humans are breaking down habitats for the animal and killing the creatures and they are cusing polotion.

   19taliyahc on 09.19.17 @ 2:27 pm    Reply

1. I agree with this statement because humans have a nagative impact on the beautiful earth. Positive impacts: humans increase crop production rates which helps others help animals in need. they also help the enviroment by recycling waate that you dont need.
Negative impacts: humans cut down trees aka deforestation which are also animals habitats.
humans use animals to test harmful products to see if they are safe for humans which is really bad and needs to stop.
2. A single human can pose a big danger to animals
humans destroy animals habitats, they also eat animals which are dangerous and have made some animals extinct!!!

   19nadam on 09.19.17 @ 2:28 pm    Reply

1. I agree that humans have a positive and negative impact on the enviroment. The positive impacts are that we recycle and we also find cures for illness. The negative impacts are deforestation and littering and poluting the air and the water so we shouldnt do this things

2. Deforeststation has a BIG impact on the enviroment because its destroying all the homes and food of animals.

   19armanh on 09.19.17 @ 2:30 pm    Reply

1)I agree that humans do have a impact on the enviroment. One positive thing is that humans recycle. One negative thing is that humans litter and some goes in the ocean and kills most animals.
2) Human’s cause danger becuase humans cut down trees and that is called deforestation and it is dangerous for animals because they can lose their homes and they might have food on trees which might make them die.

   19nantenend on 09.19.17 @ 2:33 pm    Reply

1. i agree humen have a bad inpact on the wold because they liter cut trees to make house kill animals.some pepole have good inpact on the world they dont liter cut trees to make house kill animal.
2. humen have a inpact on the animals and there haditac because they cut trees for girafs to eat gwt them and put them in cages in the zoo not giving them inafe food get pengwings and and trap them sintest get animals to test them on.

   19moonr on 09.19.17 @ 2:34 pm    Reply

1 I agee with this statmant people have postive inpack and negitiv inpack. Postive inpacts are recycil plastic things some people stop takeing public transport. Negative impacts are polusion that makes fish dieing peopel are littering allways takeing pudlic transport cutting down trees killing animals.
2 i think it’s rong to take animals habtita and kill them it’s like you are the animal and i destoy your home and you have nothink to eat and die.

   19raheimr on 09.19.17 @ 2:36 pm    Reply

I think the people do have impact on the enviroment. The NEGATIVE impact is that we pour polution into the river and red algae to grow and form layers row by row. The POSITIVE impact on humans is that we are recycling and taking care of the enviroment.
2. We can stop littering and stop poching.

   19shanae on 09.19.17 @ 2:38 pm    Reply

1. I agrea because human’s are polooting the ear and cuting down trees and kiling animals and some peopel are not polooting sky and thay are riding bick’s and not eating animals 2. peopel can help save animels and eny living thing and thay can stop cuting down trees and plats and if you help them then you can tell your frends to stop herting mother nacher

   19tylerkaib on 09.19.17 @ 2:44 pm    Reply

1.I agree that human have in impact on the environment.The positive aspect are genetic engineering cure for diseases. The negative impacts are littering and poaching.
2.Humans can pose dangers to the habitats because of pollution and deforestation.

   19hafsaa on 09.20.17 @ 12:03 pm    Reply

I agree human have a good impact and a good impact and a bad impact the good impacts are
1. recycling
2. wind meal
3. riding bikes
the bad things are
1. driving cars
2. pollution
3. dumping litter

2. human cause danger to habitats by deforestation,cutting elephant tusks, taking animal fur

   19raheemo on 09.20.17 @ 12:03 pm    Reply

1. I agree that humans have an impact on the environment. The positive impacts are that some people put there litter in the bin.The negative impacts are humans chop down trees and litter in ponds.And when they litter in ponds animals can die or it can stop them from growing.
2. Humans can pose dangers to some habitats because of littering,driving,cycling,throwing litter in ponds,power plants and chopping down forests.

   19tyanna on 09.20.17 @ 12:04 pm    Reply

1.I agree that humans have an impact on the environment.The positive impacts are that some people put up signs for humans to stop.some humans put their rubbish in the bin.The negative impacts are that people cut down trees.Humans are also killing animals to eat.
2. humans can pose to dangers to some habitats by littering animals in the sea can get stuck in it.When people cut down trees they could kill animals living in that tree.

   19danices on 09.20.17 @ 12:04 pm    Reply

1.I agree that human has an impact on the environment.the impact are a positive impact is what people do like recycle they put rubbish in the bin. The negative impacts are people killing fishs,cuting down trees,posin,kill animals.

2.human can pose danger to some habits because they do it for food, instrument, medicen, ang food.

   19sarahi on 09.20.17 @ 12:06 pm    Reply

1.I agree that humans have an impact on the environment. The positive impacts are that most people ride bicycles and that they use wind turbines.The negatives are that people drive cars to much and its causing pollution and also littering.
2.Humans can pose dangers to habitats because there cutting down trees to make houses for humans and there destroying animals habitats some bird live in the trees. Also animals foods might be growing on the tree and there cutting down the trees.

   19estherm on 09.20.17 @ 12:07 pm    Reply

1.I agree because humans have a positive and negative impact on the environment.The negative impacts are humans can pose dangers to some habitats because they litter,cause pollution,poach,eat animals and deforestation.The positive impacts are that they made wind turbines, they recycle,ride bikes and grow crops.
2.They can pose dangers to the planet by littering because a bird can get stuck in the litter.

   19summayyah on 09.20.17 @ 12:07 pm    Reply

1.I agree that humans have an impact on the environment.
The positive impacts are that people recycle. The negative impact are that people litter which is causing pollution.
2.humans can pose dangers to some habitats because people are destroying animal house

   19silvian on 09.20.17 @ 12:07 pm    Reply

1.I agree that humans have an impact to the enviroment. The positive impact are recycling and solar power and wind power.The negative impacts are deforestation, pollution and littering.

2.Humans can pose danger to some habitats like cutting down trees.

   19Uhunomao on 09.20.17 @ 12:07 pm    Reply

1.I agree that humans have an impact on the environments .the positive impact are that people have recycle bin and some people do not eat meet. the negative impact are that people eat meet and drive and they litre.

   19melody on 09.20.17 @ 12:08 pm    Reply

1. I agree because humans have a big impact on the environment.the positive impact is that humans have starting to look after animals.
the negative thing is that humans cut down forests and made a city instead.

2. humans can pose dangers to some habitats because the deforestation is destroy there home.negative
the positive thing is that human made wind turbine because if they did not make a wind turbine it would destroy the habitats.

   19zakariya on 09.20.17 @ 12:08 pm    Reply

1.I am agree pipole have impacts the good fing about it is pipole risicole and the bud impackts are that piploe chop duon tress.

   19jessicac on 09.20.17 @ 12:08 pm    Reply

1.I agree hat humans have an impact on the environment these are the positive aspects people have wind turbines,people riding bicycles instead of cars and the negative aspects are people in some countries people poach animals for bags, shoes and piano keys.People cut down forests for big buildings and cities.
2. Humans can pose dangers to some habitats because of deforestation because if plants that the animals eat gets chopped off they will starve and eventually die . Littering can cause danger to habitats because if a swan lived in a pond and someone came and threw a crisp packet in the pond and the swan came close to it might drown an die.

   19bartoszr on 09.20.17 @ 12:09 pm    Reply

1.I agree that the humans have good impact and bad impact
the positive are recycling people going in bicycles
and the negative are cuting trees destroying animals habitat.

2. humans can pose dangerous to some habitat

   19zaynab on 09.20.17 @ 12:09 pm    Reply

1. I agree that the humans have an impact on the environment.
the positive impact are that people recycle the negative impact are is poltion

   19Hadja on 09.20.17 @ 12:09 pm    Reply

1. I agree that humans have aan impact on the environment.
The positive impacts are that people recycle.
The negative impacts are that people litter and people cut down trees.
2. humans can pose danger to some habitats because people cut down trees and animals are living in the trees.

   19emilly on 09.20.17 @ 12:09 pm    Reply

1.I agree that humans have a big impact on the environment.the positive impacts are they help animals in compnese.

2. the negative impact are humans can pose dangers to some habitats because of litering in the floor because we do it on the sea to and the animals and they get stuck.

   19naomi on 09.20.17 @ 12:10 pm    Reply

I fell really sorry for the animals so I was to about the turtle.

   19naomi on 09.21.17 @ 7:03 pm    Reply

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